To be in sales one should know that there are rules to the game. As in any profession, we have parameters specifically for our endeavors, not only to justify our actions as sales professionals, but also to align with our clients. I've learned within my journey that in sales  the majority of the top decision makers, the CEO or heads of the operating portion of a business in all likelihood come from a sales background. So in fact adhering to certain principles outlined in the sales process helps us in gaining respect and in the creation of a binding  basis for a business relationship with our prospects. As we always pitch to the top of organizations, chances are that we'll be speaking to someone who knows the sales game, so it's a good idea for us to stay within the guidelines which have been mapped out by our predecessors.

A major aspect of sales and the goal of every sales endeavor is the close. Closing is the reward for the hard work put in, and should be looked at as a natural progression of the sales process. Natural meaning not forced or pushed upon the prospect, natural because the sales person is guiding the ship, and leads the way to the outcome. There is something I like to call the  "G-Move" in sales, when we get really "Jiggy" and use certain techniques. I'll explain the G-Move and how you play it will determine its effectiveness.

For the consummate sales professional. The "G-Move" is when we let the prospect do the closing themselves. Look for the buying signals while prospects are conversing. Look for words which allows insight in to the thought process, words like contract, partnership, and the tell all question “how much?”. The G - Move portion of our sales acumen then gives us the following instructions: Answer and use the code of silence  (STFU) after giving them your one word affirmative. Let the prospect continue on in pursuing the close and be aware  you’re there just to guide him.

The least dangerous in the crowd is usually the loudest. Put this in action and remember to use the G-Move for an additional closing technique.



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