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Hunches, notions and the good old “gut feeling” are all part of the salesman’s vernacular. What constitutes the gist of, or better yet where is this “sixth sense” derived, and why is this such an integral part of the salesperson’s arsenal? Sales professionals are often times not born or molded, most tend to either be drawn to the profession by their "gift of gab" or by necessity that their team needs salespeople.

That a person should be likable and have an amicable personality is probably a given when wanting to be in sales. Who wants to buy from people they can’t stand or cannot imagine having a business relationship with? Remember, people love to buy, but hate being sold to, it’s in the inherent relationship building phase that the salesperson creates, where the most important aspect of the business process comes into play and that word is “trust”.

Although we encounter salespeople from every imaginable business school, from MBA schools of every price class, but nothing replaces what’s necessary in sale” being able to “think on your feet" have that notion something is going to close, and to be fearless in your endeavors. I think Jay Z said it best with the line “I’ll show you how to move in a room full of vultures”. Moving like a salesperson should.

"Everyday's crunch time like the last point,  If I don't make it I'll be talking through the glass joint" - French Montana 

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"Cause you make yourself what you are today, and only to yourself do you have to prove it, so come on lets move it" - Special Ed - Come On Let's Move It

The legendary paiter annd artist Keith Haring is considered a genius by his peers. Nowadays we only see the random commercial artwork of Haring on socks, or fashion bags and T-Shirts but he was much more. Keith Haring was a modern day icon and natural talent,  what made him special was that he was able to create murals without preparatory sketches. He was able to visualize and then make that dream into a reality.

We're not all blessed with the enormous talent of a Keith Haring. A great advantage to the creation and solidification of an outstanding mindset in sales, is having a great plan to follow. Reliance on something other than sheer hope is essential in business and that reliance has to be on something real.

Knowing is much better than wondering and logically  in sales we cannot rely upon sending an email out into cyberspace and hoping for an answer, when in fact a telephone call would alleviate and dispel all doubt, which in turn frees up our mental capacity and also our time to either:

1) Qualify the "no"

2) Move on to other, brighter prospects

Sounds simple right ? It really is but in the present sales environment this is what's happening. It's time to get back to basics and therefore back to the plan ! Plan your sales day and endeavors, while utilizing the ever present "fearless" mindset and you will become unstoppable. What's the plan ? Here is a sample 5 steps that I put to use on a daily basis:

1) Introduction and opening act

2) Compelling statement

3) "Buy in" to your visual plan

4) The interview - Fact Finding (Is there a fit worth pursuing?)

5) Visionary collaboration (It takes two to tango)

Easy steps which work for a number of occasions and business appointments be it client visits, calls or conference elevator pitches. In sales, we are required to know our game, and the best of us stay on top of ours...stay fearless and keep it moving !

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"The only element which remains a constant in business is change" - Barry Lee Haislah

Adapting is one of the major challenges for anyone in sales. Sometimes there is  a change in policy, a change in business development and often times a change in management. These things are all out of our control but they are an integral function in business because change creates activity and whether we agree with it or not, we're  tasked with adapting to a new and uncharted horizon in our business journey.

Our "trump card" (forgive me Donald for referencing you) in sales is that we can rely upon our learned sales process. Our process doesn't change, we fall back on the structure which we've used to be successful and apply these essential elements to the new environment. We remain true to:

1) Our call blocks

2) Our extensive product knowledge

3) Our persistence in reaching our goals

4) A never wavering belief in our skills as a problem solver

5) A positive attitude

It doesn't matter if we have a new CEO or in my case, are embarking on a new challenge in a totally different field with a new product and place of business. We can rely on our sales skills,  passion for people and business progress to guide us to success and competency on our new path.

Trust in yourself and your sales skills, it'll take you a long way !

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